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Perky Collar

Perky Collar

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  • Collar support system for dress shirts, for males and females that lifts the top button region of a shirt
  • Stop folded plackets, droopy and saggy collars.
  • Maintain a high collar, professional look
  • Using Collar Stays that give you a button down collar look?  Perky collar works with them without a problem!
  • Look professional, stylish and sharp.

The Perky Collar is a collar support system for dress shirts, both male and female. The Perky Collar lifts up the top button region of the dress shirt to minimize folded plackets as well as droopy and saggy collars, giving you a high collar professional look.

If you want to wear a dress shirt without a tie, the Perky Collar gives you the confidence to know that your collar will look great all day long.

Once a collar begins to droop and sag, the only option you have now is to heavy starch the collar which means you are heavy starching the entire shirt, giving the shirt an uncomfortable feel. The only other option is to give away the shirt and buy a new one.

Now there is another option, the Perky Collar.

The Perky Collar gives you the ability to stop starching you shirts all together at the drycleaner, add the Perky Collar and now have a comfortable shirt against your body. You will never need to starch your shirts again.

Additional layers like blazers, sweaters and jackets magnify the droopy, saggy collar problem as your collar tucks under the secondary layer. No more. By adding the Perky Collar, your dress shirt collar can withstand the additional layer, stay strong and perky all day long. No more pulling and tugging on the collar all day.

Collar stays should be used in addition to the Perky Collar because they perform two different functions. Collar stays prevent collars from curling and the Perky Collar lifts up the top button region of a dress shirt.

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Customer Reviews

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Works great for medium necks.

I received my Perky Collar two weeks ago. I've worn it to work almost everyday. It makes my shirts look like they came from the best dry cleaners ever. I was going to buy another product and even considered the "wingtip magnet" method, bt I'm so glad I went with Perky collar. I didn't have to make any modifications to my shirts. It's light weight and works great.

To note, I did see a review when I was considering buying that talked about the overall size of the collar. The reviewer stated that the collar should come in multiple sizes. After getting mine, I would agree that the company would do well to provide one for men with larger necks. My neck is cloer to 15 and 1/2 and I think the collar would work well for men up to 17. However, if your neck is anything larger than that, I don't see the product working as well for you. It's a bit snug for me, but I do feel if I gained a little weight I'd be okay.

So Perky Collar make a large size version for men with necks larger than 17", and you'd be doing yourself a great service.