Finding the best placement for your individual preference may take a few tries. We recommend using the instructions below as a starting point and then adjusting as needed to suit your clothing, body, and style.



1. Standing up straight with your shirt untucked and your pants fastened where you normally wear them on your hips, locate the point at the bottom of your belt/waist line.


2. About 1" to 1.5" below the point identified in step 1, place the flat piece on the inside of your dress shirt just behind (rear side) the shirt seam.  

3. Magnetically attach the domed piece to the flat piece, making sure it is facing outward when you tuck in your shirt. 


4. When tucked in, Magnetuck™ shirt stays should sit comfortably just below your waistline and positioned slightly toward the rear.


Feel free to experiment with various placements of Magnetuck™ shirt stays based on the wearer's clothing and body type. For questions, email us at