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Magnetuck® Shirt Stays

Magnetuck® Shirt Stays

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BACKORDERED - Orders placed after June 13, 2024 will ship by July 19, 2024.


When was the last time you made it a whole day without having to re-tuck your shirt?
Never? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Well that changes today.
Magnetuck® shirt stays work by magnetically attaching to your shirt (without damaging the shirt), and are kept in place right below your waistline by your belt. Problem solved.

Each set of Magnetuck® shirt stays come with two complete "tucks", one for each side of your shirt.

Magnetuck® shirt stays are made using super strong Neodymium rare earth magnets molded in silicone rubber. Please be sure to read our magnet safety warning before purchasing.

Buy your Magnetuck® shirt stays along with our new Shirt Trekker Shirt Case and save with the bundle.

Fast & Free shipping within the USA.

Shipping to Canada is just $6.99. All other countries are just $9.99.

60-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Save the disheveled look for the beach and Quit Tuckin' Around!


Buying for a group? Is the BIG day creeping up and you haven't finished filling out your groomsmen gift bags? We've got you covered. Get 5 Sets of Magnetucks for the price of 4.


BACKORDERED - Orders placed after June 13, 2024 will ship by July 19, 2024.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Todd Cleveland
Good product so far!

As advertised. No issues so far. Looking forward to continuing trial and error to reveal the full benefits!

Oscar G

I purchased these after having my old shirt stays coming undone while in the courtroom and having to walk away with it hanging out of my suit pants. I have been trying and love how they keep my shirt tucked in!! Today I took them in hand and asked a TSA agent if they are okay after about 10 minutes of every TSA agent asking around a supervisor passed them thru and said it's okay to wear thru TSA!! All business travelers this is a must!!

These are great; I was going to use shirt stays that ...

These are great; I was going to use shirt stays that attach to my leg, but am able to get away with these. I do find that when I play table tennis at work, they're often knocked loose and fall down my pant leg, but I consider that a rather extreme test of a device like this.

If you aren't playing table tennis, the odds are you won't have issues with these coming loose!

Mike Coffey
Six month review: I love these!

I've been using the magnetuck for at least six months and I love them!

Basically, they work as promised. I've used elastic shirt garters in the past but they tend to stretch out my socks and wear out pretty quickly. Magnetucks work great and have shown no sign of wearing out.

Helpful tip: I've lost a couple inches in my belly this year, slimming my waist some. Not enough to buy new pants but enough that if I cinch my belt tight, the fabric gathers more than I'd like, which meant that my Magnetucks sometimes would slip out above my belt line. I've achieved best results by putting the inside magnetic wafer inside my boxer briefs. The result is that my shirt stays tucked even better than before!

Seamless excellence!

I am in the service industry (Restaurant General Manager at a luxury hotel) and am constantly on the move. I always struggled keeping my shirt always looking crisp and fresh. My daily movements include a high frequency of bending, reaching, pulling, ALL THE ABOVE. I came across the video for the Magnetucks; instant sell. I ordered my and they arrived a few days later. Since then, my co-workers have noticed a distinct improvement and feel much more confident at work; knowing that I am looking fresh for my guests! Thank you Magnetuck!!