Will the power of these magnets harm my phone or credit cards?

We've tested these shirt stays over the course of several years and we've never deactivated a credit card or damaged any portable electronics in nearby pockets. We do suggest keeping them stored away from your wallet when you're not wearing them just to be safe. We suggest that you do read the Magnet Safety Warning page before purchasing if you have any concerns.


How big are they? Are they noticeable by others when worn?

The diameter of Magnetuck™ shirt stays is smaller than a US quarter, and the larger domed piece is just 1/2 an inch tall. We've experimented with both shorter and taller versions but found that this size is the most effective and discrete when worn properly. We're confident you'll be the only person who know's you're wearing Magnetuck™ shirt stays. Unless you count the people who notice how much more professional and polished your appearance is. In which case, we hope everyone notices.


Are Magnetuck™ shirt stays just for men?

No. Magnetuck™ shirt stays are unisex and can just as easily be worn with a blouse and skirt. Please keep in mind the fit and fabric of your clothes when purchasing Magnetuck™ shirt stays. They are more likely to be unseen when worn with slacks as opposed to a tighter fitting skirt or leggings. 


I wear an undershirt with my dress shirts, will these still work?

Absolutely! Magnetuck™ shirt stays  were designed with wearers of undershirts well in mind. The magnets are more than strong enough to wear with an undershirt and provide the added benefit of your undershirt not riding up under your dress shirt.


Will these work with all shirts and pants?

Although Magnetuck™ shirt stays were designed with business attire in mind, they are just as effective when paired with casual clothing such as sport shirts and khakis, golf polos and shorts, uniforms etc. Although results vary, we do not recommend wearing them heavier weight denim or "raw" denim due to the way the stiff fabric pulls on the magnets. 


So, these will make my shirts and pants fit better?

Magnetuck™ shirt stays perform best when worn with proper fitting clothes. If your shirts and/or pants are too large for you, Magnetuck™ shirt stays aren't the solution. They are designed to keep your shirt tucked in, not eliminate excess fabric. The better your clothes fit, the more effective Magnetuck™ shirt stays will be.


Do I need to wear a belt for Magnetuck™ shirt stays to work properly?

Not necessarily. If your pant's waist fits you properly and can stay up on its own without a belt, Magnetuck™ shirt stays will work just fine.


Since these are placed at each hip, how do they help prevent un-tucking in the rear of my pants?

By keeping your shirt anchored at your hips, the rest of your shirt is far less likely to come un-tucked. Aside from stapling your dress shirt to your waistband, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to 360 degree tucking. However, we find Magnetuck™ shirt stays to be the most effective solution to un-tucking while remaining the least disruptive. We encourage you to experiment with various placements of Magnetuck™ shirt stays to find the best results for your body type and clothing.


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