Magnetuck™ shirt stays are a creation born from frustration. When Magnetuck™ inventor, Phil Bunting, entered the workforce fresh out of college as an account executive, he quickly built a distaste for two things: Monday morning sales meetings and his dress shirt perpetually coming un-tucked.

Having worked at golf courses and restaurants in high school and college, it wasn't the first time he experienced PSS (Puffy Shirt Syndrome), but this time around it was different. Business attire had no logo embroidered onto the sleeve, and at 25 it wasn't cool to ask your manager to issue a shirt that was two sizes too big to match your baggy khakis. He wasn't in college anymore, and in the business world image mattered.

Despite shelling out a good portion of his commissions on slim-fitting suits and dress shirts, unsightly un-tucking was still an issue. How could it not be? Just about every movement you make inches your shirt out from your pants little by little. All it took was a look around at his co-workers to see that EVERYONE was fighting the same battle.

He began experimenting with magnets which originally were only meant to keep his dress shirt and undershirt together to help prevent untucking. Over the course of the next four years the product evolved into what you see on the website today. Not only do Magnetuck™ shirt stays keep your shirt from coming untucked, they keep your undershirt from riding up above your waistline and they help keep your pants from sagging.

Simply put, it's time to quit tuckin' around.