"As a chiropractor that is constantly moving in different directions and positions, I was always finding myself re-tucking my shirt back in as it would come undone. I actually saw an ad in my newsfeed on facebook and knew instantly that this is what I needed. I ordered my first set several months ago and can't imagine going a day without using this fine product. I never have to worry about my shirts coming un-tucked....EVER! I just bought a second set to keep at my clinic in case I forget my first set at home! Keep up the great work! I wish your company great success!"
"I've been using magnetuck for two weeks now and love it. It's nice to not have to stop and find a spot to fix up your clothing. I work in IT, so what I do requires me to stretch and crawl at times (...good times... lol). It's amazing that after a day of work I'm still neat, shirt tucked, no problems. I'm getting a pair for my bro and dad now. I love the product."
"I have literally been stalking this product online for over half a year. I finally came into extra money and purchased these. I am constantly re-tucking my shirts and I feel sloppy when I do it or I feel self-conscious that someone may eye me strangey for stuffing my hands down the back of my pants constantly. I have used these for a day and half and I have not needed to re-tuck at all! I know it has not been long but I am so pleased already that I had to do the review! Thanks so much! I am in love with this product!!"
"Only downside was not buying Magnetuck sooner. The product works exactly like the advertisement states. Easy to use and a complete game changer for people who wear dress shirts daily. Highly recommended."
"I just wanted to drop you a line and say how impressed I am with your product. I run a Tuxedo/Men's formal wear store and have been looking for something just like this for a long time. I'm constantly moving around measuring people, loading and unloading product, up and down on ladders, all over the place in general, and all the while my shirt stays put."
"I actually just bought this on a whim and received it yesterday. Trying it today for the first time. It works very well. Rode my bike to work and my shirt has stayed tucked in. You don't notice the magnets at all (I was worried they would be uncomfortable) and they aren't noticeable on your person, even in slim cut pants. The ball in particular isn't uncomfortable because the rounded part faces outward (i.e., not against your skin), so it's only the flat part against your body. Can't feel it whatsoever. I'm really quite satisfied with them."
"I travel on airplanes four days a week for business so I thought I'd give these a try but was worried about going through TSA. I've successfully gone through the body scanner at four airports with NO issues. Have a had to make a few minor adjustments a couple times but I've been pretty hard them since I started using them. Considering the alternative, I'm a big fan. How about some colored ones? :)"
"Saw these on a blog and ordered them last Monday, they arrived to me on Thursday morning. Kudos for the quick shipping. I was able to wear them on (casual) Friday to the office with some suit pants and an oxford. They totally work. After making a minor adjustment when I got to work (I think I originally had them too high up the shirt so I moved them down about an inch and half) they kept my shirt snug the rest of the day. Looking forward to using them on Monday with more formal business attire."
"It's rare that I tuck my shirt in but when I do this is always a problem for me. It's usually for formal events, wedding etc. Sit down, stand up, repeat... you end up looking like a joke, and I wear slim fit clothes. I recently wore these to a wedding and must have told ten guys about these. You should think about targeting groomsmen wearing those awful rental tuxes and shirts! Will be buying more as gifts in the future."