You may be asking yourself "Why the tuck do these cost $30?!"  It's only four magnets and some rubber, right? You may even think you might be able to makeshift some of these on your own to save some dough. We won't stop you, but hear us out first.


The largest cost is the magnets themselves. These aren't your typical refrigerator magnets and buying similar magnets through a wholesaler will set you back $11.44 before you've paid for tax and shipping. 


The second largest cost is production. "But it's just magnets molded in rubber, what's the big deal?" As you can imagine, working with super strong magnets with a pull force of nearly 20lb each can be very tricky. Special tooling needs to be engineered in order to accommodate for the magnetism and we need to use a special injection technique at lower heat levels due to the way extreme heat diminishes the magnets' strength.


Add in increased freight costs for handling highly magnetic objects, duties, quality control (we hand inspect every piece in the US before they're packaged) and you start to see why Magnetuck™ shirt stays carry the price tag that they do.



You're only $30 from looking like a million bucks!


Phil Bunting